diy home pedicure, Your Guide for a DIY Summer Pedicure at Home, Always Renée
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Your Guide for a DIY Summer Pedicure at Home

Are your feet ready for summer? I know that mine are not. I also dont have it in the budget to get them professionally done all the time. So lets go over a budget friendly way to get your feet summer ready and keep them that way. This will be your go to DIY guide for summer ready feet. Get those feet ready with a in home pedicure that is budget friendly and will get your feet dancing.

I live in bare feet all year long and my feet show it. Also with my RA I have a heck of a time keeping my calluses under control. I have had 3 surgeries, yes 3 in my lifetime on my feet to correct the RA issues. Weekly I have to shave down said calluses, if not I start to walk weird, my knees hurt, then i’m miserable.

The trick to a great pedicure is getting those dry batched on your feet easier to work with. I would recommend grabbing a tub from Amazon that you can place your feet in because sitting on the side of a tub starts hurting. This is the one that I recommend because its deep enough to not let water splash out. Trust me dont go to the dollar store and get a tub your floors will thank you.

Now we need to find the perfect product to soak said feet in. Now I am a huge believer of shea butter and the amazing properties that it holds for our skin. It also really helps with the breakdown of dry cells. I love these bath salts! They are sulfate free and the smell just clears our your sinuses, you get inaugurated in your feet with the eucalyptus, plus is disinfects with the peppermint.  You only need a 1/2 scoop of these salts for your foot tub so this bag will last you months. You can also use these in your shower as a steamer or in your bath tub of course. Each bag is only $18!

Why exfoliation is so important for your feet!

To get a “professional” look to your pedicure, exfoliation is key. I recommend these products to help get your feet super soft and dry cracked heels to disappear.

The Rubby Scrubby is a stick that is pure genius. You dont even have to get your hands dirty. Just roll up the scrub and go at it on your heels. What I love about it is that its shea butter based with naturally derived exfoliating beads. It is loaded with thyme and peppermint essential oils. This is an aggressive exfoliation and only costs $20! You can get multiple uses out of it.

Pro Tip: If you want to make it last longer than cut off disks from the top as needed. Then water will not get into your stick and dissolve your shea.

The Schwanky and Soft is my #1 go too product that I use weekly. No water required with this one. You know what else is great? No socks either!! 1-2x a week I put a thin layer of this on both my feet before I climb into bed and I wake up with butter soft feet. There is no scrub to it but the glycolic acid works at night to sluff away that dead skin. This God send to my feet is only $17!

Ok lets say you need a little more. Maybe you are always on your feet or your husband wears stinky work boots? You might want to add a detoxing foot mask. Now this foot mask isnt any ordinary foot mask. Charcoal, pumice, shea butter, tea tree, and peppermint are there to cleanse, refresh, and rejuvenate from heel to toe. The charcoal is blended in a cooling clay and hydrating shea butter base to help draw out toxins while tea tree and peppermint provide a seriously refreshing tingle. You can get at least 10 uses for $15!

Pro Tip: with any tube dont just throw it away when you think its done. Cut off the top and I bet you can scoop out at least 2 more uses out of it!

diy home pedicure, Your Guide for a DIY Summer Pedicure at Home, Always Renée
diy home pedicure, Your Guide for a DIY Summer Pedicure at Home, Always Renée

Now Go Create Your Own Pedicure

All of the products that I talked about can be found here in my mini shop or you can get tons of other pampering goodies like lotions and face masks from my large shopping channel. www.shopthepampercorner.com

Use my favorite non-toxic nail polish to complete your in home budget friendly pedicure. Be sandal ready all the time!

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