How do you know if you need a face serum?, Why you need a Face Serum, Always Renée
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Why you need a Face Serum

How do you know if you need a face serum?, Why you need a Face Serum, Always Renée

We can always blame our genetics when it comes to our skin. But there are powerful ways to help your skin get to the point where you feel confident walking out in public with 0 makeup on.

Dont get me wrong, I love make up but as summer is getting warmer and warmer I wear less and less. Mostly because I am out with the kids getting wet at the lake or the water park.

But new research shows that some of the redness, tightness, and itchiness sensitive skin often experiences is not actually genetics. Lets dive in and see what a face serum can do for you and your skin issues this summer.


So why use a Face Serum?

Well studies show that over 80% of woman use a face serum and love the effect of what it does with their skin. So there is about 20% of woman that are missing out. But maybe its because they are applying it all wrong. We will get to that later.

Unlike a moisturizer which is meant to, well… moisturize, serums are concentrated formulas of ingredients designed to target specific skin issues, like fine lines and wrinkles, redness, dullness, large pores, environmental pollutants, uneven skin tone, etc. The are usually made with smaller molecules than your moisturizer. Serums are made to absorb fast and deep for rapid results. Hence why you always always apply your skincare lightest to heaviest after you clean your skin. The trick is picking the right serum for your skin goals.

What Face Serums do I use?

Skin Goal: A brighter complexion

Lets look at Never Grow Up Face Serum. Does your face look dull and feel uneven or even unbalanced? Your skin is telling you that you need more vitamins in your skin like vitamin C and B. This powerful serum was the first serum that I ever used, its loaded with 22 botanical extracts and antioxidants, plus caffeine and aloe vera. This serum brightens your skin for a natural glowing skin tone that you wont want to hide.

Skin Goal: Pores? What pores?

Ok lets be real, if your pores are showing, they’re full of dirt, oil, and environmental pollutants. Having all that junk in your pores only makes them look bigger but also stretch bigger. So lets tackle the issue with Nothing Phases Me Face Serum. It pulls out impurities with activated liquid charcoal, helping pores visibly shrink back to a smaller size. We all have heard of sodium hyaluronate which adds extra moisture to the skin but whats really cool about this product is that it has crystal-encapsulated cholesterol. What the HECK is that? Well it supports collagen and elasticity for youthful, flawless-looking skin. SIGN ME UP! I used this for 3 months when it came out and I fell in love with the feel and look of my skin. Sadly at the time it was a seasonal item and I had to move on to find something else. But folks its back for good. So pick up one today!

Skin Goal: Firm skin that doesn’t giveaway your age

Featuring hyaluronic acid and antioxidant moringa oil with vitamins A and C, it supports collagen and reverses signs of aging while super small vegan crushed pearl instantly blurs imperfections and illuminates your complexion. I introduce to you the miracle of all serums, Defiant Naked Youth Face Serum. This serum is worth every penny! And I like my things on the less expensive side. This product is one of the products that pushes the $25 mark but well worth it. Plus, it features a skin-smoothing peptide and algae to tighten and firm. This picture shows you the 3.5 month difference in using this morning and night.


How do you know if you need a face serum?, Why you need a Face Serum, Always Renée

Skin Goal: Soothed, balanced skin

I finally bring you the cherry on top! Impress Me Intensive Hydration Pressed Serum, packed with nourishing probiotics from black tea kombucha, fermented red wine resveratrol, plus milk and eggs to support your skin’s microbiome and calm sensitive skin. Whats is microbiome? Well much like in our gut we have good and bad bacteria, we also have the same type of microorganisms on our skin.  Whats great about this serum is it acts as a 2 in1. So if you dont like or need a heavy moisturizer this doubles as a serum and moisturizer.

I personally use this product with my Defiant serum in the AM as I tend to keep moisture during the day. Then at night I use Defiant serum and Call your Shrink Moisturizer at night.


Hopefully this list helps you narrow down your choices for a great serum. All of them range between $24-$50 and are well worth the price as they last you 3-4 months.



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