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Why I hate “mom” groups!

Happy Mothers Day! Yes its odd that I am posting this on Mothers Day but I actually have time to sit down today and get my words out on the screen. Today isnt the day we find guilt in being a mom or ponder on being a better mom. Today we celebrate being a mom. You gave your children life and you strive every day to make that life special. Thats all that matters! So today we get to be celebrated…period no matter what!

But I got to say this week I have been pretty upset with woman in these mom groups. You actually wait till mothers day to do something for yourself? There were so many posts asking what you want for mothers day. Unanimously they were. “I just want to sleep in,” “I want to just have a day I can read,” “I just want to get a pedicure,” “I just want 1 hour of peaceful bliss.” Wait WHAT?? You wait literally all year long to ask for those things? Dont get me wrong I used to be that mom. But that mom was ragged, felt sorry for herself, wore leggings all the time because she felt fat, and she never took time for herself because she didnt know what self care was. Thats not a way to live MOMS!

We keep little humans alive. If you are waiting for 1x a year to do those things than its time to release the rains and call in the troops. Ask for help from the hubby, best friends, mom, or dad. There is no shame in needing 30min-1hr of alone time to tackle the next week. I am not saying you need to hire someone to raise your kids, but you cant help effectively unless you refill your cup.

My mom was always the one that was giving and giving. I never noticed it until I got older, man she was an amazing mom but I can only imagine the super woman she would have been if she actually took more time for herself. This is the #1 reason why I created The Pamper Corner. I realized in the Spring of 2018 that I needed to make a change and I wanted to help other woman do the same. Its not selfish moms to take time for you once a week. Even if its flipping on Netflix, putting a face mask on, and folding laundry. This is your time! Trust me I am a better mom when I get some ‘Me time.” I have the most supportive hubby in the world, he lets me go on mom trips, he lets me sleep in once in awhile, and he for sure makes sure that I am taken care of. But I get not everyone has that. So really work into your budget a night out for you, grab a great face mask (like one of mine in my shop) to have on hand when you’re folding laundry, and consciously take time to recharge your batteries.


xoxo, Renee

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