, When you realize you’re enough!, Always Renée
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When you realize you’re enough!

Why is starting over so scary? Do you feel like a failure? Do you feel like its just not worth it since its taking so long? Well this past week has been super challenging for me. There is so much behind the scenes in direct sales/network marketing. I don’t think people realize how much self motivation, work, and consistency it takes to keep your business moving forward and growing.

, When you realize you’re enough!, Always Renée

I went through a lot of changes over the past 6 months because I wanted a new direct for my business and my everyday life. I started setting better systems in place that will help me stay organized and on track. But there was a lot of set back too. Owning your own business is such an emotional roller-coaster some times. You have highs and lows, happy and sad times, and also crazy goals you set for yourself. Because as a leader I want to lead the pack, I want to be the one showing my team that I am working just as hard.

Its been a super slow end to 2018 and super slow start in 2019. So then like any normal person your mind starts racing and you think to yourself, “Am I doing something wrong? Why am I not growing like I want to be or where I want to be?” You are always your own worst enemy. It all goes back to I think that I’m not doing enough. All these people being shouted out and I’m working my butt off with no appreciation. COMPARISON IS THE THIEF OF JOY! And I just opened the door wide open for it.

I woke up at 230am the other day just on my knees in prayer because I just couldn’t stop thinking about my lake of trying (which is not the case). And once again good ol’  Rachel Hollis popped in my FB feed as I was mindlessly scrolling after I prayed. Right there, the first thing I saw when I opened my FB account. “You’re stopping because it’s taking too long? Your dream, your goal is  “taking too long”? NOTHING that lasts is accomplished quickly. Your legacy will be a lifetime in the making. KEEP GOING!”

It was just what I needed! It gave me hope and it made me think that I can do this. Even if I don’t feel appreciated by people that I think should. News flash those people don’t matter! It made me think that I am not a failure for doing things differently. That I don’t have to be doing 10 million things to be successful, that when my little 5 point list is done for the day, I’M DONE! I need to realize that what I did was enough and that I’m enough. What she said gave me the hope that I just need to keep going and push through. That Rome wasn’t built in a day. But not giving up and staying consistent, I will build my Rome.

A sweet friend gave me an amazing idea to write all over my house that I am enough. So on my bathroom mirror I wrote that, on my sliding glass door, on a paper as I walk out the door. To know that whatever I accomplished that day is enough. That finding the joy in what I do is enough.

I am all about finding joy in everything I do now. If it doesn’t bring me joy then its in the trash, thanks Emily Gilmore. I know I know its Marie Kondo but Emily will always be the first person to say it. So back to square one I go. Finding the joy that keeps my dreams a live.

, When you realize you’re enough!, Always Renée


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