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What is a Influencer?


a person with the ability to influence potential buyers of a product or service by promoting or recommending the items on social media.

influencer+pampering+beauty, What is a Influencer?, Always Renée

Why a Posh Influencer?

When I joined Posh I never thought I would create the best friendships that I have. Over the past few years we have grown more close as we have gone through life together. At first it was all about the money and that was great and all, but now I am so thankful for the best friends that I have. So this isnt just a cool soap and lotion company with fun branding its a company that brings people together to do life together.

Influencing is in everyone’s nature as a human. With the technology and social media these days its easy to influence people in a good or bad direction. Have you ever posted about a sale at Old Navy? Or posted about the cool Amazon purchases that you got in the mail that day? NEWSFLASH thats being an influencer. You dont need thousands of followers to be successful. You just need a handful of great friends that listen.



I love that Posh has changed their whole model on Direct Sales and ditched the old way. There is nothing wrong with in home parties but thats just not this day and age. Younger people want to be on social media more.

influencer+pampering+beauty, What is a Influencer?, Always Renée

Whats great about being a Posh influencer is the flexibility you have. There is not any requirements to have to post all the time, no sales quotas monthly to meet, and no auto-shipments.

Posh offers the best self care products on the market. They are all made in the USA with natural ingredients and have many vegan options.

Posh stands behind woman owned businesses across the world. One of them being on Ghana where we get our shea butter.

Posh is affordable and truly just an amazing pampering experience from head to toe. No worries on sharing content from other companies. Posh believes in empowerment and collaboration instead of competition.

influencer+pampering+beauty, What is a Influencer?, Always Renée

I 100% recommend getting the $30 kit. Why because there is so much more flexibility. 

  • Get 2 free shipping coupons
  • Free website
  • 15–40% instant cash back on all your personal purchases and followers
  • $32 in supplies to get you started like samples to share


influencer+pampering+beauty, What is a Influencer?, Always Renée

So if you made a decision right now what would you do? You are already on IG, FB, and Youtube. Why not get more products for more content and make money in the process.



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