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Vision Journal

What is a vision journal?  Essentially, it’s a journal you create in order to clarify your vision  for your brand, business, passion projects, and life. It helps you set  intentions and keep track of your goals so you can break them down into daily action steps.

I personally have never done a vision board and I never was a journal-er either. Unless your grade school-10th grade diary counts. I just knew that 2019 was going to be a year of breakthrough for me. I wanted something more this year and I wanted to keep my thoughts in order. After listening to Rachael Hollis Podcast about daily dream writing, I knew what I wanted to do.

For Christmas my amazing hubby gave me a beautiful leather journal. He put a note in the front cover that read, ”  Capture your thoughts while they are in the moment and let your creativity flow freely without restricting them in your mind for later…whether you write or sketch…some ideas are best written down there and then.” It was totally a God thing that he got this for Christmas because I had no idea that it would be used as my vision journal for the year. So a week later I am listening to this Podcast and it hit me that I have the perfect book for the job!

So last week I went through all my Pinterest pins and printed out some of my biggest dreams. I cut them out and got my Target glue stick ready. But I knew that I wanted to do something for every month to reflect on and add to so I set monthly goals for Personal, Relational, Posh(Business), Health, Blog, and Financial. They each get their cute little square with up to 5 goals for the month. I will use these as guidelines to my bigger dreams and goals. Also to help guide my thoughts for my daily journal writing.

After my monthly goals I pasted my Pinterest cut outs. In these cut outs I put everything from craft ideas I wanted to try, to house remodel, and my dream house in Hawaii. There currently isn’t much but its a start and the point is to keep dreaming and adding your thoughts. Then daily as I sit, read Gods word, pray, and drink my coffee; I can add things and Ideas to remember for the week. Like blog ideas, business ideas, family vacations, etc.

, Vision Journal, Always Renée

How do you get started?

Follow some of these questions to help you start your journal:

  •  What do you want?
  •  What do you need?
  •  What do you value?
  •  How do you want to feel when those are reality?

Then make a list of things you could start doing to alignment with these visions and dreams that you have come up with. This is what I am doing with my daily writing adding the thoughts an Ideas that revolve around my 6 monthly goals in health, personal, relational, Posh, Blog, and financial.

Part of the magic of vision journaling is that once you’ve written something down, it stays on the page as well as on your mind. It keeps you accountable for completing each action step, much like a to-do list. And if you know me, I am a huge to-do list person. It keeps me organized and that’s how I feel about vision journaling.

I created a LIVE video for my team in IGTV. It explains how I journal in my black book and then have my main monthly goals also in my planner to look at daily. It keeps me organized and on track.

Amazon Link for this planner.


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