, Trips of a Lifetime!, Always Renée
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Trips of a Lifetime!

I have earned now 4 all expense paid trips with my home based business. They take work but are so achievable for everyone.

In 2016 I was able to earn a 6 day trip to Italy. I have my Bachelors in Art History and Minor in Italian Renaissance. So I knew I wanted to go! We stayed at the St. Regis, which I have never stayed at a hotel that nice before. We had the hottest tour guides and we ate so much! We were in Rome for 3 days, saw the Vatican, Spanish steps, and all the monuments I only saw in history books. We then spent 3 days in Florence. Now here I didn’t want to leave! I even told Thomas to pack it all up and move. Florence was a different way of life. The cafes, people, and churches were priceless. We took a day and went through the Academy of the Arts. You guys, when I turned the corner and saw the David right there in front of me, I broke down into tears. I was so over joyed to be so blessed to see all these works of art in person. So blessed that I didn’t have to pay $7,000 to see and do everything we did. And yes the trip was 7k! We also took a train to Venice and spent the whole day roaming the streets and taking gondola rides. These are the memories that last a lifetime. This trip sparked some of my closest friendships.

, Trips of a Lifetime!, Always Renée

In 2017 I earned an all expense paid trip to Las Vegas. This was 5 days of fun, dancing, and laughing with my closest friends. I mean I have been to Vegas many times but not Free! We started classifying these mini vacations as #momcamp. It’s just R&R time to get away and fill out cups.

In 2018 I earned an all expense paid trip to San Antonio. Sadly with scheduling I was not able to accept this trip. But hey I earned it right?

So here we are in 2019, taking my 4 all expense paid trip to Puerto Vallarta. I will be gone for 7 days and I get to relax, drink, and eat all the tacos. I have never experienced an all inclusive resort before so I am so excited to see what the fuss is about. I told Thomas that I will probably be so spoiled again that I will only want to stay at All inclusive.

So posh not only has blessed our family financially by paying off credit cards and student loans. It not only pays, literally every bill in our house accept our mortgage. It has blessed me with the ability to travel for Free, to create the best friendships I have ever had in my whole life, and it has created self worth for me. If you are a mom you would know that it’s super hard to find friends as an adult let alone a mom. Why? Because it’s hard to schedule around kids. Oh what if they have kids you ask? Well 80% of the time you love the parents and hate the kid or you love the kids and hate the parents. There’s that 10% you can’t stand either of them and the other 10% are the hard to find ones to keep.

So come join us on our next fun incentive. You never know what a home based business can do for you unless you take the leap.


, Trips of a Lifetime!, Always Renée

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