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The Future of The Pamper Corner

The future of The Pamper Corner has been kind of up in the air this summer. Not only has Covid put a wrench in a lot of things, there’s just been a lot of change here in the Anderson household. As you all know we made a shift this year with The Pamper Corner. I left my longtime career with a direct sales company to pursue other avenues for my life. Not the fact that direct sales is about industry, because it does get a bad rap. It was just time for me to move on. It was a season that God needed me to be in for me and my family but I’m very excited for the new season that he has for us.

So this weekend we are taking a step in a direction that I have been wanting to do for a very long time. I just have never had the time to really put forth the effort into this type of marketing before. The Pamper Corner will always be there! That is something that I built many years ago and I still have a passion about. The passion and mission to help moms and women know that they’re worth it to take time for themselves. So the You’re  Worth it Campaign will always be there I’m still gonna do it every single year and hoping to grow even more this year & into 2021 because I have more time to donate to it.

They always say that you should never ignore the fact that people have needs in the social media community. In the past month I’ve had quite a few people reach out to me about my RA journey, and and they wanted to know my struggles with having it for so long. This has led me to think that we need to create a bigger community of women to help support each other when they first get a diagnosis. So that’s on my list to do. Not sure how this will look yet, either a ebook or something.

Also there’s been an ever growing need to help small businesses in the treasure Valley. With Covid coming to a head, stores shutting down, or downsizing. We need somebody to step up and really help out our community to shine the light on new businesses, restaurants, and other things that are going on in the community. We have some great local influencers for Meridian, like Hello Meridian and Boise with Boise Bucket list but we never really had anybody for Nampa. Now I was practically raised in Nampa, been here forever it seems. So it only seem natural that I would take up this responsibility.


With changing directions on my social media I only felt like it was necessary to switch up the names on my Instagram. This is so we can keep it cohesive and easy to understand for people to tag local happenings here in Nampa. So I can then share them or come support. Like I said The Pamper Corner isn’t going anywhere but we’re making a little shift on how we do things. On Facebook you will still see The Pamper Corner Pamper page for moms. And you’ll also see The Pamper Corner BTQ, which is where a hold my phone monthly back parties.

Please take a moment to watch this video below as I share my thoughts and heart on how you can help grow the Nampa community. Together we can make Nampa the best place to visit. 

Please Start using #nampalife2c and #thisisnampa


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