The RA struggle, Arthritis Relief, Always Renée
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Arthritis Relief

Its no mystery that I have struggled with RA rheumatoid arthritis since I was diagnosed at the age of 2. I covered this story in a previous blog post but I give you a little recap. I was diagnosed young and had it in over 90% of the joints in my body. My mom was single at the time and was told that I had one of the worse cases they have seen. Because of that the way it was developing I will be in a wheel chair by age 12.

Well I proved them wrong! God is a healer and we firmly believed that. Even though I went into remission at age 14, I still had a lot of joint development issues. So in my early 20s it bounced back. Now as an adult it hit me differently than when I was a kid. It really hit my wrists and making them pretty mush immobile.

In April of 2019 I decided to finally fuse my left wrist because the pain had gotten so bad. There was no other option because the RA literally ate away at my bone plus ad bone spurs. It was the worst experience ever because of nerve issues. But I have bounced back with therapy and we are working through it. I mean I am at least typing now with two hands. 

The RA struggle, Arthritis Relief, Always Renée

Lets talk about what has worked!

So in the span of 30+ years we have tried everything under the sun then it comes to flare ups. As a little kid there wasn’t really a whole lot of options and tons of research to back up different ways.

As I have gotten older, the internet is available, and I have a voice. I have found ways to help ease the pain. Dont get me wrong I was on strong doses of shots but I said no, I want a lower biologic. *Dont forget its your body! You choose what you want to go into it.*

Anyways I discovered that cutting gluten and sugar out of my diet kept the flare ups under control. But there are still times that I eat it (come on im human).

Also just like the disease its unpredictable. Perfectly Posh launched this magnesium butter. I knew magnesium was great for stress relief and inflammation blockers. But once I started using this butter every night I wouldn’t wake up stiff or go to bed with horrible wrist aches.

The RA struggle, Arthritis Relief, Always Renée
Mad for Magnesium Body Butter

Ok let’s chat about CBD oil. I know there is a lot of ooopla out there and truthfully there are a lot of companies too. Trust me when I say that when it launched I rolled my eyes super hard and was so skeptical of all the “stories” that people were confessing.

So about 2 months ago I decided to give it a try, I mean I get a discount on it and it was way cheaper than anything else on the market. Since then I have dove deeper into research on CBD and the effects it had on RA specifically since I have had it since I was 2yrs old.

So I started to use it daily on my hands the 225mg mixed with my Magnesium body butter. It worked wonders on my flare ups and pain. I was like whoa! Then I started experimenting with it for my migraines and using it on my temples. Once again whoa! Then I started giving a little to Bailee before bed, because we all know how crazy she is 😂 once again whoa! It calmed her down before bed to get a restful night sleep.

This past month I battled with an allergic reaction to something and my face went splotchy and super dry and flaky. I thought to myself why not use my 125mg I use on Bailee on my face? Guess what it worked and brought relief!

So I stepped up my game and purchased the 1000mg because I wanted to see what the effects it could have on my joints. So pictures below are two pictures taken 10 min apart. My surgery has brought on many issues with my left arm. Today my hand swelled up on top because of a plate issue. I opened my new bottle of 1000mg CBD and rubbed it on it. WITHIN 10 MIN!! The pain subsided and the swelling went down!

There are so many personal things that CBD has done for me. I am a firm believer that this oil is a great oil to have if you struggle with chronic pain. Trust me I have done me research to make sure it’s the best, there is no THC, it’s farm grown, and so much more.

Don’t wait an extra minute to get some and try. I truly stand behind it!!

I was very hesitant to get this CBD stick. Why because I have my oil and I was like I don’t need to spend the money. BOY WAS I WRONG!!

#1 it’s way more portable than my glass jar.
#2 it’s way easier for me to open with 1 arm function.
#3 I can keep in my purse and whip it out when I need it.

For example, I forgot my brace one day on my wrist when I went to the grocery store and I over worked it. I could tell because it starts to throb and I get pain shooting to my nerves. I whipped this out rubbed it all over my wrist and within min. The pain was gone and the throbbing stopped!! 😲😲

Could you imagine what this would do to a on coming headache?

So there it is! The 2 main products that help me stay sane and in no pain. You can click on all the pictures for more detail or shop with the button. I hope that this has helped some of you as it has for me.

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