, Summer Treat Recipe, Always Renée

Summer Treat Recipe

Berry picking with the Berry Ranch in Nampa Idaho. Since Spring is right around the corner, I wanted to chat about one of my favorite places here locally. Last year we discovered a really cool ranch thats off highway 20. It’s been there forever but we really didn’t notice til Covid hit and all your normal activities to get out of the house changes. 

The Berry Ranch is located on the corner of Hwy 20-26 (Chinden) and Franklin out of Nampa. Check their website here. They offer a lot more than just berry picking too. In late summer they have corn then they have a pumpkin patch too. But we really enjoyed picking blackberries. They have 2 seasons for raspberries so spring and then they said that September as the best sweetest raspberries. 

Picking is priced per lb and there is a fee per person. For blackberries I felt what we got was 1000% worth the price cause if I would have gotten them at the store I would have paid 2x the price. 

We loved romping though the isles eating the berried as we go and what’s great is they are an organic farm so you can eat as you go. They do have flat baskets which I recommend as we brought a regular and some of our bottom berries got smashed. 

I also recommend going when they open before it gets too hot. Because the bushes really shield from a breeze. 

After we did all the picking we decided to freeze half and make popsicles with the other. I didn’t have a lot of those popsicle sets, but lets be honest what mom likes those? I can never find the lids or the sticks, so the whole thing gets thrown away. So I found a better way thats actually better and easier to store.

Recipe Time

Before we start, make sure you have a flat surface in your freezer so here is your sign to clean out that freezer or level it out. 

Start out by adding your blackberries to your blender, then add a cup of apple juice or water depending on how you like your sugar.

Now lets prep the cups. Lay out a layer of cups on your cookie sheets so they are ready.

, Summer Treat Recipe, Always Renée
, Summer Treat Recipe, Always Renée

This next step is optional, it takes some time but worth it to me and the family. I dont like seeds so we are going to make these pop cycles smooth. Grab an extra bowl that your strainer can fit over. Now you are going to start pouring your mixture through the trainer. It’s very thick so you will need to you a spatula to push it through. It’s a process but the pop cycles are way better! *this step is totally optional. If you dont do this step just make sure that you add your sweetener to your mix if you used water. Before you pour into your cups. 

Ok once your done straining you can add your sweetener if you used water. Just mix it with your spatula. Now we need to look at consistency. You dont want it too watery but also not super thick. I know great explanation right? Sorry I forgot to put Im not a food blogger disclaimer.

From there you are going to pour them into the cups. FYI dont add the sticks till the cups are filled. I filled 3/4 of the cups so they can expand properly without overflowing. Now you can add your sticks and stick them in the freezer.

, Summer Treat Recipe, Always Renée

I let them stay they for 24hrs till I take the out. You can put them in a baggy so they stay fresh and you can also peel off the paper too before putting in a gallon bag for easier grab and go. 

Other variants you can add yogurt to them for a creamy snack. 

Freezing Your Berries

So by now you have eaten your fill of berries and they are turning so you dont want to waste them right? I found a fool proof way to freeze your barries without them sticking together. We all know how annoying it is to have to slam a bag on the counter to break up your fruit. Em I right?

It’s real easy…here it is…since your berries are all washed lay them out on a cookie sheet and put those in the freezer. Let them freeze individually spread out and once they are frozen throw them into a gallon bag. BOOM! They freeze perfectly and don’t stick together when you put them in your gallon bag to freeze. Mind blown right?

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