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Stinkin Thinkin

Listen up! You got to quit your stinking thinking!  My daughter makes me laugh with her incredibly humorous take on the world. Everything makes her laugh, and I aspire to take in the world in the same shoes she does.

I started my new mission with The Pampering Corner because of this little one. I finally stepped back  and said, “Renee you are worth it, you are beautiful where you are at!”  My changing point on my self love/positive body movement was when Bailee said she was fat one day. I was in tears hearing her say that! Why is my 4 year old saying this? Well its because she was listening to what I was saying about myself.

As woman we talk so bad about  ourselves that we don’t realize our kids our sponges and hear how bad we are talking about ourselves. How can I tell Bailee she is beautiful and perfect and talk bad about myself, when she thinks I’m beautiful? Its just so confusing for her!

Our society is so messed up with the next diet craze or magic pill. There is nothing wrong with getting healthy!  I’m on my health journey because of my #autoimmune issues. But why do we glorify beach bodies more than healthy bodies?

I may not ever be a size 7 again but gosh darn it I will not let my daughter hear that she is not worth it or not perfect because she is a little squishy. So i changed my stinking thinking and started talking positively about myself. I want her to know she can talk to herself in a vein way. Its not being selfish if you are uplifting yourself.

Always remember what goes into your eyes and ears comes out your heart. I am human and I have good days and bad days. But the good days now outweigh the bad now. I am not ashamed to buy 10 new swimsuits for my Mexico vacation. And swimsuits that make me feel sexy not like a granny. Trust me plus size fashion has come a long way! And from one larger woman to the next leggings and baggy shirts are not where its at.

Dress your body type and size! Rock those curves and be confident in the amazing new fashion pieces that are out now. Amazon is my go too plus size shop.

You can only love yourself as much as you love yourself, so love yourself hard. So start this year with a new mindset and start loving yourself more! Its only April, START NOW!


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