PIVOT, P.I.V.O.T., Always Renée


Every time I hear this term I always go back to Ross yelling PIVOT carrying a couch up the stairs. I envision his frustration of trying to rotate this couch every way imaginable to fit up their tiny staircase. But isn’t that life? We get so frustrated that life isn’t fitting in the way we imagined but all we have to do is PIVOT to make it work for what’s happening around us. 

Like all of us 2020 threw us for a loop. I started this journey as The Pamper Corner 6 years ago when I was running a multi-million dollar pampering team. But God had different things in life for me. When Covid hit the only option for us was to homeschool as I wasn’t sending my kids back with masks, social distance learning, and the unknown. So we decided to HOMESCHOOL!

Its been a learning curve for sure and finally found our groove with daily learning. Along with leaving my social selling business to focus on my family, I jumped in full force with my Bag Boutique. Its like my creative outlet! It also helps our family financially along with my social influencer commitments.

I will always be here for moms and woman. That mission has never changed. I love reminding woman and moms that life is life. Enjoy it and love this best version of yourself. Put that swim suit on and get in the lake! Thats selfcare! Not caring what others think! As moms we are constantly giving, giving, giving. You give time to  your family, your friends, your job, and if there’s any time left, you donate it other places, as well. But where is the time for you?

With all if that said, its time to PIVOT! Out with the old and in with the new. The Pamper Corner was a baby I made years ago after attending a conference. It was perfect for the season I was in. I know that it was all God but I know now it was a season. I was so scared of change. Scared that people won’t follow me, forget me, get confused, but in reality its a changed that needed to happen. That is just no longer part of my life. Im no longer in the pampering business. So it was time to move on!

I hope that you stick with me for my life journey in homeschooling, mom life, silly stuff, fashion stuff mostly cute bags, and everything that life throws at me. My goal is to post a new blog once a week starting in April! SO HOLD ME TO IT! Share the excitement and subscribe, comment on Instagram what you love, comment what you want to see more of!

Im not going anywhere, just rearranging, rebranding, and making everything cohesive. 

PIVOT, P.I.V.O.T., Always Renée

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