, My Mission, Always Renée
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My Mission

I feel its about time to talk to you about why I started my Business. This isn’t how The Pamper Corner start, I will talk about that later. This is about why I decided to join Perfectly Posh.

In 2013 I met this pretty cool lady that had this amazing booth at a woman’s show I was also doing. Now Posh isn’t my first go around with direct sales, I have been with 3 other companies. One at a time because I 100% agree with doing 1 thing and 1 thing good! So when I was in college I did The Body Shop at home before they got rid of the consultant program, then I did Mary Kay in California and I was pretty darn good. Finally when we moved back to Idaho and I was introduced to a new food storage company that actually had good food. I was one their first 40 consultants, but soon after it started they too decided to get rid of their consultants.

So here I am in 2013 showing off my Food demo and I see this booth that has all these amazing smelling pampering things with really funny names. I walked over there and was amazing at the quality and prices of these products. Now I fell in love with LUSH from all my travels to Canada but we had not gotten one yet in Idaho. So I was very intrigued. I then saw this amazing lady again at another event we did. At that point I was like ok, I will host a party. Now I am the worst at in home parties. Literally my mom would ever only be the person to show. The Idaho market was saturated with DS, because of the Scentsy headquarters and people were just partied out.

But I knew that this one would be different because it was new! So we booked a show and I invited. You guys! I had 15 people show up! 15! We had the best time pampering ourselves and having fun. I got tons of FREE pampering goodies and I was hooked. My pampering gal even booked 5 parties off of mine. So time went by and I’m ordering, trying new things, and actually finally taking time for myself. Because as a mom, lets face it, I had no idea what that was anymore.

, My Mission, Always Renée

December 2013 came around and my Posh gal was like “hey you should get the starter kit.” Now you guys by this time I have now gone through 3 DS companies, non that I had passion in or succeeded in. I thought about it and I was just blah. I didnt want to start up another company and I just hate being spammy. Well on December 31, 2013 I decided to get the kit. Why? Because it was a double kit month, there were 0 monthly requirements, and I literally could get a discount on BFF face wash and the Stripper Mud for LIFE!

I did everything wrong at the beginning, because my heart was not in it. I even messaged all my friends and said I would give them a discount if they ever wanted to order. I literally gave 0 poos about running it as a business. I even posted spammy posts on FB, the thing I hate most about how companies train their consultants.

Fast forward to fall 2015, we moved into a new house, our mortgage was a lot higher, almost $400 more at the time, and we just discovered a leak that the inspectors did not catch. We cant file for insurance because in the long run it would have hurt us. So we paid the $2k out of pocket! We were up in debt with 2 credit cards that were maxed out and we still owed money on our cars and student loans. I went back to work during nights, so Thomas and I never saw each other. He was gone during the day, I was gone at night. Finally he came to me and said, “I hate not seeing you and seeing how tired you are. Are you still active with Posh?” I looked at him with the weirdest eyes, “Um ya why?” He then went on to say, “Well I think that you should give it a try! You have all the stuff in the bathroom that you love, I think you would be great at it.”

I was floored y’all! Like didnt he see me fail the past 3 companies? God love him but I just didnt know if I wanted to do that. Well with much prayer I decided to take a leap of faith August 2015 and I had my first $1000 month! From there I grew my team to 50+ woman in less than 4 months, earned my first all expense paid trip to Italy, and earned the title of Premier in 6 months from when I launched in August. Within that time, we paid off the rest of my student loans, 1 car, and all the credit cards.

Since 2015 we have grown to well over 800 woman, we have lost some and we gain some more. We have made it to Gold Premier, .02% of the company leaders, and I only have 1 more promotion to go. I have created an amazing family of woman that are steadfast and loving.

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