, How to make a Home Based Business Successful, Always Renée
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How to make a Home Based Business Successful

If anyone told you what type of leader I am they would say motivated. There are a few things that I have learned along the way in my small business journey.

I didn’t find success over night and have not grown my team to over 800 amazing business woman without trial and error.

My top 5 tips on how to be successful and run a online business:

1. Be a sponge! Dont think that you have all the answers. I follow so many bloggers, small business owners, and I watch/listen to YouTube videos all the time. My goal for 2019 is to read more, there are so many amazing books to help building you as a leader and grow your business.

2. Failure is part of the game! Stop being afraid of it. There is only growth in failure, you want to grow right? Do not be afraid to grow your team. Do not be afraid of the word NO. There is no growth in comfort!

3. Do not think that you will have overnight sucess. No business in history grows overnight. Its not a reflection on you, you have to stay motivated and work through your failures. If you decide that you want to start a business and be successful, do your research. Look into your new leader, the company, and what their mission statement is.

4. Think like a CEO! Stop comparing yourself to other business owners. They have a completely different life than you. I will have another blog post about this later. Cultivate a business mindset with your team. You cant blame your failures on anyone else. At the end of the day you are the one that controls your personal business.

5. GO ALL IN! DO NOT start multiple businesses. This makes you look unreliable, plus if you want to be successful your focus needs to be on one. TIME IS MONEY! Start connecting, start networking, and sharing your excitement. You are a real business owner! First off do not be spammy! People buy from experience not a spammy graphic (I will talk about this later also). Be loud and let people know what you are doing. Do not limit yourself because you are scared of what people think.

, How to make a Home Based Business Successful, Always Renée

Believe you can fly and you will! I cant tell you enough that there is no growth in comfort. This is one thing that I have struggled with. As much as I love people I am also a introvert and have a hard time making that first connection.

This type of business is all about creating relationships. Once your intended demographic likes you, knows you, then trusts you; you can be unstoppable.

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