, How The Pamper Corner was Created, Always Renée
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How The Pamper Corner was Created

I get asked a lot, “how are you so successful in this industry?” Well lets first start with talking about this “industry.” This industry of Direct Sales is changing and changing fast. We have moved away from the in home party phase to more social selling. There are still companies out there that thrive on parties and are required. But why? Why are we limiting how we start a business and run it? I feel so many companies and new business owners are putting their businesses in this little box and labeling it “oh its a direct sales or MLM thing.”

Stop it! Stop it right now! We need to stop the negative association with this industry and it starts with getting outside that box and running your business differently.

In July of 2018 I attended Allison’s Boss Babes Branding workshop. It was life changing for me and how I looked at my business. She had us fill out this work book and think of a word that we want our business to be modeled after. I discovered after the 6 hours that my word is WORTH.

, How The Pamper Corner was Created, Always Renée

I wanted to help woman find their self worth through self care. You see I have struggled with body issues and mom issues for years. After having kids I never really accepted my body and society never aloud people to either. So I wanted to make it my mission to help moms/woman find their self worth. Before Posh I never knew what a face mask was, like I literally thought it was for Halloween. I never got ready for the day because I felt it was useless. But Posh has given me the confidence to love myself. Because loving yourself, spending time on yourself, and spending money on yourself is not selfish. Changing my mindset and loving myself for where I am at was so liberating.

Once I figured this out It took my business to the next level. I stop scrapping and trying to find sales. I started talking about my business differently and with more confidence.

My business isnt just “Oh its one of those direct sales things!” No! I am Renee Anderson and I own the Pamper Corner. I am a pampering boutique that helps woman discover their self worth through self care. We can do ladies nights or shop my online store.

I stopped looking for the next “hostess” and I started creating more relationships. I joined woman’s networking groups, renamed my hostess’s, and started my website. My husband and mom always said I needed to start blogging my ideas, so here I am.

I am so lucky that the company that I chose to be my platform or gateway is so freeing to let me run my business like I want to. My big goal is to purchase a vintage trailer, gut it, and turn it into a pamper boutique on wheels. A boutique that will go to woman’s shelters once a month to pamper woman that need to know their self worth the most. A boutique that can be rented out for bridal parties to have a fun girls day, and a boutique that you can shop from.

So stop talking down to your business and change the way you think about it. This is the key to sucess! Find a word that fits what you want to do. This is where the success comes from. Click here to watch my Posh Cast about rebranding yourself.


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